Holy Trinity Cantor Schedule


Nov 26, 2017: Christ The King


Dec 3, 2017: Advent 1


Dec 10, 2017: Advent 2


Dec 17, 2017: Advent 3


Dec 24, 2017: Advent 4


Dec 24, 2017: Christmas Eve (10:30 PM)


Dec 31, 2017: Christmas 1


Jan 7, 2018: Epiphany 1


Jan 14, 2018: Epiphany 2


Jan 21, 2018: Epiphany 3


Jan 28, 2018: Epiphany 4


Feb 4, 2018: Epiphany 5


Feb 11, 2018: Last Sunday after the Epiphany

Notes to Cantors

Before each Psalm demo, I sing a descending scale using solfege. Remember that DO is the line marked by the clef. Most weeks, we use the same melody for the Communion Proper antiphon. The reciting tones are varied in length to accommodate the various texts, of course. The chant begins on FA.

I have pitched these for my voice. We can re-pitch them so that they are comfortable for you. That is one advantage of using square notes (or neumes), for chant.

You can download a two page Guide to Neumes or a Square Note Tutorial. If you have any questions, just send me an email, text or call me.

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