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About The Acrobat Edition

Purpose and Scope

Often, it is handy to have a manual in book form. The goal of these files is to provide such a manual for Csound, with emphasis on uniform, clear, and easy to use layout and format. In addition, the arrangement is designed to allow for easy updates and additions. To this end the following features have been incorporated:

  • Hierarchical headings used for organization. Allows for an extensive, logical table of contents.
  • Page numbering in -chapter:page- format. Allows updates or additions to be made on a page by page basis. Eliminates the need to reprint the entire manual with every update.
  • Alphabetical "Opcode Finder" included as an index.
  • Two volumes:
    • Manual: programming reference
    • Supplement: tutorials to help you get started with Csound.
  • Separate files for single-sided or double-sided printing, depending on user's preference.
  • Adobe Acrobat file format for widest cross-platform compatibility.

File Formats

The files are in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. This format was chosen because readers are available for most platforms. You can download a free reader from Adobe's download site. Please register your reader with Adobe.

For ease in downloading, all Acrobat files are zipped, but not compressed.

Printing Procedure

If you want single sided printing, download, unzip, and print the following files:

  • Manual.pdf Csound reference manual, complete. .pdf file contains bookmarks for chapters opcodes, which can act as an online index.
  • Spplmnt.pdf Complete supplement containing tutorials. You may also want to download a zipped file of .orc & .sco files to accompany Richard Boulanger's TOOTorial.

If you prefer double-sided printing, download, unzip, and print the following files:

  • Manual1.pdf Csound reference manual, odd numbered pages.
  • Manual2.pdf Csound reference manual, even numbered pages to be printed on the back side of the Manual1.pdf pages.
  • Spplmnt1.pdf Csound manual supplement, odd numbered pages.
  • Spplmnt2.pdf Csound manual supplement, even numbered pages to be printed on the back side of the Spplmnt1.pdf pages. You may also want to download a zipped file of .orc & .sco files to accompany Richard Boulanger's TOOTorial.

There will only be one set of files available at a time for printing the entire manual (either format). They will always be the most recent version available.

Acrobat Edition Update Procedure

Updated pages only, are available separately from the complete manual, from the download page, in zipped Acrobat format. The name of the update file for single-sided printing, will be the Csound version number to which they correspond, ending with up.pdf. For example, the update file for version 3.55 will be called 3_55up.pdf.

The files containing the update pages only, for double-sided printing, will follow the same conventions as for for single sided printing, except that a 1 will be appended to the file name for the odd numbered pages and a 2 for even numbered pages. Example: 3_55up1.pdf and 3_55up2.pdf for Csound version 3.55.

This should allow more than one set of updates to be kept on the server, should you miss one before the next update is released. You can tell the version of your manual by looking at the Title Page or Section 22.6 (Manual Update History). Should you need to get a previous update, go to the Archive Page.

To update an existing manual, simply print the update file(s) for either single- or double-sided printing, as required. Then insert new pages, and replace changed pages, as needed.

Send me a note it you have any questions or comments.
Happy Csounding!

David M. Boothe