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MIDI Support: Converters

notnum, veloc, cpsmidi, cpsmidib, octmidi, octmidib, pchmidi, pchmidib, ampmidi, aftouch, pchbend, midictrl, polyaft


  ival      notnum

  ival      veloc      [ilow, ihigh]

  icps      cpsmidi

  icps      cpsmidib   [irange]

  kcps      cpsmidib   [irange]

  ioct      octmidi

  ioct      octmidib   [irange]

  koct      octmidib   [irange]

  ipch      pchmidi

  ipch      pchmidib   [irange]

  kpch      pchmidib   [irange]

  iamp      ampmidi    iscal[, ifn]

  kaft      aftouch    [imin[, imax]]

  ibend     pchbend    [imin[, imax]]

  kbend     pchbend    [imin[, imax]]

  ival      midictrl   inum[, imin[, imax]]

  kval      midictrl   inum[, imin[, imax]]


  ival      polyaft  inum[,imin[, imax]]

  kval      polyaft  inum[,imin[, imax]]


Get a value from the MIDI event that activated this instrument, or from a continuous MIDI controller, and convert it to a locally useful format.


iscal – i-time scaling factor

ifn (optional) – function table number of a normalized translation table, by which the incoming value is first interpreted. The default value is 0, denoting no translation.

inum – MIDI controller number

ilow, ihigh – low and hi ranges for mapping

irange – the pitch bend range in semitones

imin, imax – set minimum and maximum limits on values obtained


notnum, veloc – get the MIDI byte value (0 - 127) denoting the note number or velocity of the current event.

cpsmidi, octmidi, pchmidi – get the note number of the current MIDI event, expressed in cps, oct, or pch units for local processing.

cpsmidib, octmidib, pchmidib – get the note number of the current MIDI event, modify it by the current pitch-bend value, and express the result in cps, oct, or pch units. Available as an i-time value or as a continuous k-rate value.

ampmidi – get the velocity of the current MIDI event, optionally pass it through a normalized translation table, and return an amplitude value in the range 0 - iscal.

aftouch, pchbend, polyaft – get the current after-touch, or pitch-bend value for this channel, rescaled to the range 0 - iscal. Note that this access to pitch-bend data is independent of the MIDI pitch, enabling the value here to be used for any arbitrary purpose.

midictrl – get the current value (0 - 127) of a specified MIDI controller.

ctrlinit – Sets initial values for a set of MIDI controllers.


Barry Vercoe - Mike Berry
MIT - Mills
May 1997

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MIDI Support: Converters