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  ar      expsega   ia, idur1, ib[, idur2, ic[...]]


An exponential segment generator operating at a-rate. This unit is almost identical to expseg, but more precise when defining segments with very short durations (i.e., in a percussive attack phase) at audio rate.

Note that the old expseg opcode does not operate correctly at audio rate when segments are shorter than a k-period.


ia – starting value. Zero is illegal.

ib, ic, etc. – value after idur1 seconds, etc. must be non-zero and must agree in sign with ia.

idur1 – duration in seconds of first segment. A zero or negative value will cause all initialization to be skipped.

idur2, idur3, etc. – duration in seconds of subsequent segments. A zero or negative value will terminate the initialization process with the preceding point, permitting the last defined line or curve to be continued indefinitely in performance. The default is zero.


These units generate control or audio signals whose values can pass through two or more specified points. The sum of dur values may or may not equal the instrument's performance time. A shorter performance will truncate the specified pattern, while a longer one will cause the last defined segment to continue on in the same direction.