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Signal Input and Output: Output

soundout, soundouts, out, outs1, outs2, outs, outq1, outq2, outq3, outq4, outq, outh, outo

                                  soundout  asig1, ifilcod[, iformat]

                                  soundouts asig1, asig2, ifilcod[, iformat] (***Not implemented***)

                                  out       asig

                                  outs1     asig

                                  outs2     asig

                                  outs      asig1, asig2

                                  outq1     asig

                                  outq2     asig

                                  outq3     asig

                                  outq4     asig

                                  outq      asig1, asig2, asig3, asig4

                                  outh      asig1, asig2, asig3, asig4, asig5, asig6

                                  outo      asig1, asig2, asig3, asig4, asig5, asig6, asig7, asig8


These units write audio data to an external device or stream.


ifilcod – integer or character-string denoting the destination soundfile name. An integer denotes the file soundin.filcod; a character-string (in double quotes, spaces permitted) gives the filename itself, optionally a full pathname. If not a full path, the named file is sought first in the current directory, then in that given by the environment variable SSDIR (if defined) then by SFDIR. See also GEN01.

iskptim (optional) – time in seconds of input sound to be skipped. The default value is 0.


out, outs, outq, outh, outo – send audio samples to an accumulating output buffer (created at the beginning of performance) which serves to collect the output of all active instruments before the sound is written to disk. There can be any number of these output units in an instrument. The type (mono, stereo, quad, hex, or oct) should agree with nchnls, but as of version 3.50, will attempt to change and incorrect opcode, to argree with nchnls statement. Units can be chosen to direct sound to any particular channel: outs1 sends to stereo channel 1, outq3 to quad channel 3, etc.

soundout and soundouts write audio output to a disk file. soundouts is currently not implemented.


Barry Vercoe

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Signal Input and Output: Output