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Sunday Offertories and Principal Feasts

by Fr. Carlo Rossini

This book, originally pubished by J. Fischer & Bro., contains SATB offetories for every Sunday of the year, plus principal feasts, by Carlo Rossini. The edition was simply a reproduction of Fr. Rossini's original manuscripts.

As they become available, we will post typeset versions of these offertories. If you typset one for your choir, please consider making it available to others by sending it to Bud at Bud's Email or the webmaster at  Webmaster Email

A Word About Copyright

Although originally published by Fischer, the copyright to Sunday Offertories and Principal Feasts  is owned by Fr. Rossini's order, The Missionaries of St. Charles - Scalabrinians. Fischer is no longer in business (the imprint now being owned by Alfred) and the offertories have been out of print for many years. Bud Clark requested and received written permission from the Scalabrinians to reproduce any and all works of Fr. Carlo Rossini.

If you find these works useful, please remember to send Bud a "thank you gift" for his conservatorship work. See the Quilisma home page for information. As the copyright owners, the Scalabrinians would probably appreciate a donation, as well.

Complete Original Edition

Download a scanned PDF of Fr. Rossini's original manuscript as published by Fischer.


Typeset Individual Offertories

Advent 1 "Ad te, Laváve"

Advent 4 "Ave Maria"

First Mass at Christmas Midnight "Laeténtur caeli"

Lent 1 "Scápulis suis"

Easter Day "Terra Trémuit"

Ascension Day "Ascéndit Deus"

Trinity Sunday "Benedictus sit"